Professional Graffiti Removal in Plymouth, Exeter, Devon and Cornwall


Using high-pressure water-cleaning equipment combined with non-hazardous Graffiti removal chemicals, it is possible to entirely remove graffiti from any type of porous or non-porous surface without harming the underline facade.

Graffiti on Brick Work - Graffiti removal from brick work including walls and fences

Graffiti on brickwork presents it's own problems that no other surface has. Brickwork is pourus which means that the graffiti seeps into the brickwork itself and even if you use a solvent to remove the graffiti from the brickwork, not only do you risk damaging the surface if scrubbed to hard, generally there will always be a ghost image left on the brickwork. We employ a removal solution to clean graffiti from even the most pourus surface.

Graffiti on Stone Surfaces - Graffiti removal from stone or masonary work including homes and statues

Stone surfaces can be a favorite of a graffiti vandal. Cleaning graffiti off stone or masonary requires a graffiti removal company to use a system which cleans the graffiti without damaging the stone surface.

Like brick work, although less so, stonework can be quite porous offering the same problems of brickwork. Masonary is generally as pourus, and some times even more so, than brickwork. Normally carved an ornate, stone and masonary with graffiti on needs to be cleaned carefully as often they can be a one-off piece or hard to replace. Cleaning graffiti from stone and masonary requires a simlar system as the brickwork. Call us or send us a photo of your graffiti problem on stone or masonary.

Graffiti on Glass - Graffiti removal from glass including windows, glass doors and panes.

Glass can be one of the easiest surfaces to clean graffiti from. Its smooth, virtually non-pourus and they clean extremely easy compared to other surfaces. The problems on glass often occur not on the glass, but on what the glass is housed in. For instance a window often has painted putty or rubber seals, painted work or PVC frames. Going from multiple surfaces means that removing graffiti from the glass is not as simple as first it may seem. We can completely remove graffiti from all glass including stained and treated. Like wise we can easily move from the glass to other surfaces quickly and easily.

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Graffiti Removal In Plymouth

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