Hot Pressure Washing and Steam Cleaning in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall


Hot High Pressure Power Washing for Patio and Path Cleaning

Hot High pressure patio, path and driveway steam cleaning will deep clean and restore all types of stone, brick & concrete paving without the need for any harsh chemicals or detergents, leaving your tired looking driveway or patio looking as good as new. Our service is totally self sufficient as we do not require power or water supply from our customers.

Our patio cleaning staff are all fully trained in the use of high power pressure washers and steam cleaning and can tackle most jobs with ease to successfully bring your tired unsightly path or patio back to its former glory.

Once your path or driveway has been steam cleaned we can also apply a protective sealant to the cleaned surface that will repel dirt and oil for up to 3 years. On Block Paving we also offer a re-sanding service.

Whether this is your problem or you just want to brighten things up, we can bring your garden feature back to an almost original finish by simply brushing away any loose debree and moss, applying an environmentally friendly TFR or special brick cleaner, letting it soak for a while, and then rinsing it back off with our high power rotary washers. See our Graffiti Removal service also.

Power Washing Driveway Cleaning.

Driveway steam cleaning is made safe, simple and environmentally friendly with Devon Cleanings driveway cleaning and driveway maintenance and rejuvenation services. From oil and petrol stains to moss, muck, and dirt, they all have a hand in targetting the high traffic areas of your property, which unfortunately, are inclined to suffer the worst abuse from the elements as well as from our simple day to day living.

Wooden Furniture Cleaning

Our knowledge of steam cleaning garden furniture is second to none and is based on many years of experience. All Wood variations can be taken back to almost new.

Building Exteriors

We are experienced in the steam cleaning and power washing of all building exteriors. With the use of Cherry Pickers and traditional Ladders we can bring the look of building back to life with a Hot High Power Pressure Clean, sometimes saving the need for re painting.

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